Expense Reports & Forfeitures

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For Programs, Projects, and Contingency applications, Student Orgs must submit an Expense Report including proof of purchase(s) by emailing the completed PDF to sorf-finance@illinois.edu no later than twenty-one (21) days after the conclusion of the program/project or contingency expenses. Any funds not recorded with an Expense Report after 21 days will be considered unused. For Programs or Projects that occur less than 21 days prior to May 31st, the Expense Report is due no later than May 31st.

Service applications do not need to have an Expense Report submitted, but may be Forfeited.

At any point throughout the Academic Year, a Registered Student Organization can forfeit the funds allocated to them by the SORF Board for any application submitted if the funds are no longer needed by the organization. Forfeiting funds must be done for the entire allocation. To do so, please submit the SORF Forfeiture Form by emailing the completed PDF to sorf-finance@illinois.edu.

A Student Org must either submit an Expense Report or Forfeiture Form for all appropriate applications or the organization may become ineligible to request SORF Funding for an academic year.

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