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What is a Student Org?

A student organization is a group of students that vary in nature and size and come together with a specific and unique mission or common interest. At Illinois, official student organizations are also referred to as RSOs or Registered Student Organizations. These groups must have at least five (5) currently enrolled students who register with the Department of Student Engagement annually.

Student orgs ultimately determine their own destiny, where they are free to make choices to promote their mission. However, student organizations are bound by federal, state, and local laws and university policies.

Student Org Categories

Students can get involved in a variety of ways via their interests. All student orgs identify with one or more of our categories listed below:

  • Advocacy & Activism
  • Agricultural
  • Athletic & Recreation
  • Business
  • Club Sports*
  • Community Service & Philanthropy
  • Education, Pedagogy & Instruction
  • Environmental & Sustainability
  • Faith, Religion & Spirituality
  • Health & Human Sciences
  • Health & Wellness
  • Honorary
  • Humanities
  • Identity & Culture
  • Ideology & Politics
  • Information & Data Sciences
  • International
  • Law
  • Life & Physical Sciences
  • Media Arts
  • Performance Arts
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Social & Leisure
  • Social Fraternities & Sororities*
  • Student Governance & Councils*
  • Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • University Housing*
  • Veteran & Military Connected
  • Veterinary

* Categories that can only be assigned Student Engagement staff given a student orgs’s affiliation with another university department.

Student Orgs at Illinois

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