Appeals, Complaints, & Ineligibility

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Student Orgs that applied for funding and received a denial, either in part or in full, are eligible to appeal the decision back to the SORF Board for reconsideration. The following rationales are not grounds for an appeal:

  • Violation of SORF General Standard 8
  • Violation of SORF General Standard 9
  • Submitting the incorrect Application Type (i.e. applying for Services funding items in a Programs application)
  • Insufficient or Incorrect Supporting Documentation
  • Missing the SORF Application Deadline

Appeals must be submitted within 48 hours of receiving notice from the SORF Secretary. Appeals submitted after 48 hours will not be considered.

SORF Appeal Request

Any individual at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign may submit a complaint related to an RSO that received SORF Funding and violated the SORF Standards and Restrictions. All complaints will be reviewed by the SORF Chairperson and Advisor. If the evidence provided is sufficient, the complaint will be brought to the Board for discussion. All decisions related to the complaint will then be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and approved prior to being communicated to the RSO in question.

The final decision will not be communicated to the submitter of this form, but can be found when the SORF Meeting Minutes are approved and published to the SORF Website.

Submit a Complaint

Organizations who violate the SORF Standards or Bylaws may be subject to a period of ineligibility for SORF Funding. Below is a list of student orgs currently deemed ineligible, including the ineligibility start semester and the next funding period of eligibility.

Updated list coming soon.