Student Org Development & Administration (SODA)

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SODA Mission

Student Org Development & Administration seeks to provide registered student organizations support through education and leadership development while advocating for a comprehensive Illini student experience.

Get Involved!

At Illinois, we believe in the Power of I. As a student, you bring a world of experiences and interests to Illinois. You are encouraged to get involved with your peers as an engaged community member. Explore, learn about, and join an organization of interest to make the most of your college experience. Your involvement as a student will open many doors leading to new opportunities as you continue to grow as a member of society. So, what are you waiting for? Involvement. That’s the Power of I.

What is SODA?

Student Org Development & Administration, or SODA, is a team within the Department of Student Engagement dedicated to supporting student organizations at Illinois. With more than 1,000 Student Organizations spanning twenty-nine (29) different categories, there is certainly an org for you! Key to the student experience, student involvement allows you to learn about yourself — personally and professionally.

Our work includes the following:

  • Providing advisement to student org leaders on their roles, responsibilities, and processes.
  • Facilitating orientations and workshops for the administration and growth of student orgs.
  • Coordinating annual registration.
  • Coordinating event registration (inclusive of space requests).
  • Assisting with event planning.
  • Advising on risk prevention.
  • Advising the Student Org Resource Fee (SORF) Board.

The SODA team is your go-to for all student org questions! Student org finance questions should be directed to the Student Org Finance Center (SOFC) at