How to Apply for Funding

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Applying for Funding

Application Procedures

Organizations interested in applying for SORF Funding will need to have their Treasurer login to the Involved@Illinois platform, Manage the Organization, proceed to the Finance tab, and complete a Budget Request (not a Purchase Request).


Funding for items and expenses that are used for the long-term functioning of the RSO, and are not tied to a single event, project, or activity.


Funding for items and expenses that are related to a single, unique event or activity. Programs are considered recurring if the spirit of the event or activity remains the same across all the recurring events and are not permitted to submit separate programming applications for each recurring event.


Funding for items that will be utilized by an RSO for a specific, singular project.


Funding for any reasonably unforeseen expenses, items, or travel. The SORF Board reserves the right to determine what is or is not reasonably unforeseen. Contingency funding can only cover expenses, items, or travel that would otherwise be eligible for operational or programming funding.

Two or more Registered Student Organizations may be granted a joint application for large-scale Program Funding at a maximum of $50,000 per application and a minimum of $10,000. This unique large-scale Program Funding application process will be in addition to each RSO’s fiscal year maximum SORF funding allocation. Each RSO will only be approved in a joint large-scale program once per semester. The total dollar value available per semester for these large-scale program applications is $300,000 or 30% of the SORF fund balance (whichever is the lower amount).

Funds will be distributed on an approval first-come first-served basis in accordance with current SORF Board Funding Standards & Restrictions. These events must be open and accessible to all students, free to attend, and occur on campus. This requirement is separate from the general SORF Board Funding Standards and Restrictions for a regular Programs funding request. For any large-scale Program Funding request to be fundable, all three criteria (as mentioned above), must be met. These events must have a minimum of 3 mediums of advertisement, with the SORF identifier present, pre-approved by a SORF Board member and represent a minimum of 2.5% of the approved application amount. Forms of acceptable advertisement must occur at least 1 week before the event and proof of advertisement must be sent to the SORF Board before the event occurs. Each application will require the involvement of a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty or staff member who will advise the event. The purpose of this advisor is to help students understand various aspects involved in planning events, to provide helpful tips, and answer any questions related to program planning. Photo documentation of the event must be sent to the SORF Board within 48 hours following the event.


Policy Compliance

It is the responsibility of all Registered Student Organizations to read and understand all policies and procedures of the University of Illinois, the Department of Student Engagement, Student Org Development & Admin, and SORF. Organizations that receive SORF funding must be in compliance with all policies, procedures, and processes at all times. Those found to be in violation of any policy of the University of Illinois, the Department of Student Engagement, Student Org Development & Admin, or SORF will be held responsible for return of any and all funds they received during the time they were in violation of these policies. Furthermore, any organization that attempts to defraud or mislead these entities will be turned over to the Office for Student Conflict Resolution for review, and could be held criminally liable for any funds received under false pretenses.

SORF is compliant with the Student Code.

For programming, projects, and contingency applications, RSOs must submit a reconciliation report including proof of purchase(s) utilizing the Involved@Illinois platform no later than fourteen (14) days after the conclusion of the program/project or contingency expenses. Any funds not reconciled after 14 days will be considered unused.

Service applications do not need to reconcile.

At any point throughout the Academic Year, a Registered Student Organization can forfeit the funds allocated to them by the SORF Board for any application submitted if the funds are no longer needed by the organization. Forfeiting funds must be done for the entire allocation. To do so, please submit the SORF Forfeiture Form via Involved@Illinois.

An RSO must either submit a Reconciliation Form or Forfeiture Form via Involved@Illinois or the organization may become ineligible to request SORF Funding for an academic year.

Organizations are able to request an appeal of a funding decision by emailing a request to the SORF Chair within 48 hours of the SORF Secretary notifying the organization of the funding decision. Appeals are not guaranteed and are subject to the discretion of the SORF Chair.

How much funding can my org get?

Funding is capped at $10,000 or 2% of the annual SORF Budget, whichever is less. This is across all types of funding combined with the exception of contingency funding.

What types of things can be funded?

In the SORF Standards (pdf), there are detailed charts that outline the types of items that SORF can fund.

How early should I apply for funding?

SORF funding can be used at any point during the fiscal year (July 1st-May 31st), so applying early is always encouraged. Be mindful that Service Applications are decided at the end of the semester proceeding the use of funds. Check out the SORF Calendar for more information.

What happens if we buy items before applying?

SORF cannot fund items that were purchased prior to approval by the Vice Chancellor.