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Student Board Members

All emails end with @illinois.edu

Jack Reicherts photo
Jack Reicherts


Email: SSC-Chair

Maria Maring photo
Maria Maring

Vice Chairperson – External

Email: SSC-ViceChairExternal

Caitlin Bloomer photo
Caitlin Bloomer

Vice Chairperson – Internal

Email: SSC-ViceChairInternal

Julia Marsaglia photo
Julia Marsaglia

Communications Project Coordinator

Email: SSC-Communications

Cici Teng photo
Cici Teng

Communications Project Lead

Email: SSC-Communications

Holly Hahn photo
Holly Hahn

Communications Project Lead

Email: SSC-Communications

Matt Flenniken photo
Matt Flenniken

Communications Project Lead

Email: SSC-Communications

Tori Lawlor photo
Tori Lawlor

Communications Project Lead

Email: SSC-Communications

Emmarie Alexander photo
Emmarie Alexander

Community Outreach Lead

Email: SSC-CommunityOutreach

Sari Alkhatib photo
Sari Alkhatib

Professional Development Lead

Email: SSC-ProfessionalDevelopment

Nicole Arnold photo
Nicole Arnold

Student Outreach Lead

Email: SSC-StudentOutreach

Mallory Mahen photo
Mallory Mahen

Education & Justice Working Group Chairperson

Email: SSC-EducationAndJustice

Scotlyn Belew photo
Scotlyn Belew

Energy Working Group Chairperson

Email: SSC-Energy

Enzo Yang photo
Enzo Yang

Floating Working Group Chairperson

Emma Loew photo
Emma Loew

Floating Working Group Chairperson

Lucy Nifong photo
Lucy Nifong

Food & Waste Working Group Chairperson

Email: SSC-FoodAndWaste

Albert Rios photo
Albert Rios

Land, Water, & Air Working Group Chairperson

Email: SSC-LandWaterAir

Natalie Hill photo
Natalie Hill

Transportation & Infrastructure Working Group Chairperson

Email: SSC-Transportation

Faculty Members

All emails end with @illinois.edu

Eric Benson photo
Eric Benson, M.F.A.

Faculty Member

Email: ebenson

Barry Houser photo
Barry Houser, M.M.

Faculty Member

Email: bhouser2

McKenzie Johnson photo
McKenzie Johnson, Ph.D.

Faculty Member

Email: mfj4

Kevin McSweeney photo
Kevin McSweeney, Ph.D.

Faculty Member

Email: mcsween

Esther Ngumbi photo
Esther Ngumbi, Ph.D.

Faculty Member

Email: enn

Kyle C. Smith photo
Kyle C. Smith, Ph.D.

Faculty Member

Email: kcsmith

Andrew Stumpf photo
Andrew Stumpf, Ph.D.

Faculty Member

Email: astumpf

Ex Officio Members

All emails end with @illinois.edu

Alexandra Gergova photo
Alexandra Gergova

Chairperson, ISG Committee on Environmental Sustainability

Email: ISG-EnvironmentalSustainability

Gina Lee-Olukoya photo
Gina Lee-Olukoya, Ph.D.

Director, Student Engagement

Email: golukoya

Lisa Peacock photo
Lisa Peacock

Facilites & Services, Sustainability

Email: peacock4

Morgan White photo
Morgan White

Facilities & Services, Sustainability

Email: mbwhite

Amanda Wahba photo
Amanda Wahba

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Email: wahba3

David Guth photo
David Guth

Illini Union Representative

Email: dcguth

Eric Green photo
Eric Green

iSEE Representative

Email: ewgreen

Meredith Moore photo
Meredith Moore

iSEE Representative

Email: mkm0078

SSC Staff

All emails end with @illinois.edu

Hunter Kelley photo
Hunter Kelley

Assistant Coordinator, Student Org Finance Center

Email: hkelley3

Lizette Mendoza-Hernandez photo
Lizette Mendoza-Hernandez

Intern, Student Sustainability

Email: lizette6

Samuel Yoo photo
Samuel Yoo

Assistant Director, Student Sustainability

Email: swyoo2