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The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) is a student-led organization charged with the distribution of two student fees – the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee and the Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee. With the ultimate goal of making the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign a leader in campus sustainability, the SSC reviews, recommends, and funds projects that increase environmental stewardship, inspire change, and impact students.

Current Members

Board Members

Committee Member Role Email (@illinois.edu)
Joseph Edwards Chairperson SSC-Chair
Jonah Messinger Vice Chairperson – External SSC-ViceChairExternal
Julia Marsaglia Vice Chairperson – Internal SSC-ViceChairInternal
Julija Sakutyte Communications Project Coordinator SSC-Communications
Jack Reicherts Communications Project Lead SSC-Communications
Lucy Nifong Communications Project Lead SSC-Communications
Natalie Hill Communications Project Lead SSC-Communications
Emma Loew Community Outreach Lead SSC-CommunityOutreach
Caitlin Bloomer Professional Development Lead SSC-ProfessionalDevelopment
Maria Maring Student Outreach Lead SSC-StudentOutreach
Aditya Bhansali Education & Justice Working Group Chairperson SSC-EducationAndJustice
Mallory Mahen Education & Justice Working Group Chairperson SSC-EducationAndJustice
Brinn McDowell Energy Working Group Chairperson SSC-Energy
Joshua Woolf-Senoff Energy Working Group Chairperson SSC-Energy
Xanthe Huspen Food & Waste Working Group Chairperson SSC-FoodAndWaste
Cinderella Teng Land, Water, & Air Working Group Chairperson SSC-LandWaterAir
Boming Yang Transportation & Infrastructure Working Group Chairperson SSC-Transportation

Faculty Members (non-voting)

Member Role Email (@illinois.edu)
Jessica Brinkworth, Ph.D. Faculty Member jfbrinkw
Brajendra Kumar Sharma, Ph.D. Faculty Member bksharma
Kevin McSweeney, Ph.D. Faculty Member mcsween
Andrew Stumpf, Ph.D. Faculty Member astumpf
Yun Kyu Yi, Ph.D. Faculty Member ykyi

Ex officio Members (non-voting)

Member Role Email (@illinois.edu)
Creen Ahmad Chairperson, ISG Committee on Environmental Sustainability ISG-EnvironmentalSustainability
Gina Lee-Olukoya, Ph.D. Director, Student Engagement golukoya
David Guth Illini Union Representative dcguth
Lisa Peacock, P.E. Facilites & Services Engineer peacock4
Morgan White Facilities & Services Sustainability mbwhite
Ximing Cai, Ph.D. iSEE Representative xmcai
Eric Green iSEE Representative ewgreen
Meredith Moore iSEE Representative mkm0078

SSC Administrative Support (non-voting)

Admin Staff Role Email (@illinois.edu)
Sammy Yoo Advisor Sustainability-Committee
Lita Vega Marketing Intern SSC-Communications

Former Committee Members

Check back as we update the listing of former committee members.

Governing Documents & Yearly Reports

  • Bylaws (pdf)
  • Finances

    In progress.


    The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) traces its origins to a small group of passionate Illinois students that were fighting for the use of clean energy on campus in 2002. As the students advocated for more student body engagement and voice in regards to energy issues on campus, their efforts eventually evolved into something much bigger. The students decided to pursue the formation of a university green fund.

    The first student-initiated fee was a $2 per semester fee called the Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee (CET), which was approved through a student referendum. The intent of CET was and still is to provide renewable energy as a portion of the campus energy portfolio and to reduce carbon emissions. The fee is used to purchase cleaner energy technologies for campus, including solar, wind, hydrogen, and geothermal projects; energy efficiency; and renewable energy from non-University producers.

    Students successfully campaigned for a $5 per semester refundable student-initiated fee called the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee (SCE). The fee was approved by a referendum of the student body and by the Board of Trustees. SCE was installed to help establish a sustainable campus environment by financing initiatives such as green buildings, engagement of the University community, recycling, energy efficiency, and environmentally responsible purchasing.

    The SSC approves the first projects to be funded using the CET and SCE fees!

    The student body passes a referendum to raise the SCE fee from $5 to $14 (per semester, per student). The measure was passed with a 77% approval rate and firmly established Illinois as having the largest sustainability funding pool of its kind in the United States.

    The SCE Fee is made non-refundable with the caveat that it is reduced to $12.06 (per semester, per student).

    Students passed a referendum to renew both the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee ($12.06) and the Cleaner Energy Technologies Fee ($2.00). The motions passed with an 82% and an 87% approval rate, respectively.

    Today, the Cleaner Energy Technologies fee remains at $2.00 and the Sustainable Campus Environment fee remains at $12.06. These two fees allow SSC to allocate $1.1 million annually to projects that work toward the University’s sustainability goals as laid out in the Illinois Climate Action Plan.

    Since its inception, SSC has allocated a total of $15.5 million toward funding 306 projects that have made an impact in sustainability!