Student Org Funds

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Each student organization has a series of funds which may be associated as a privilege of being a Registered Student Organization. Please read the description of each below to ensure clarity in understanding their usage and information.

Student Org General Fund

This is the primary fund for student organizations to manage their monies. Deposits, on-campus purchases, direct purchases (off-campus), and reimbursements originate from this fund. This fund must be at $0.00 or greater at all times. Failure to maintain a positive balance will result in the RSO being placed on a Frozen status. Furthermore, per the Student Code, failure to resolve a deficit may result in the balance being charged to the RSO President’s and Treasurer’s University student account.

Student Org SORF Fund

This is a tracking fund for SORF allocations received by the RSO. When allocations are received, monies will be added to the fund. However, these are NOT actual dollars. Actual dollars are deposited into the Student Org General Fund. This fund is meant to assist orgs in visualizing allocations received and the reconciliation (if applicable) of any remaining funds according to SORF policies. Get more information about SORF.

Student Org Charity Fund

Some student orgs may have a Student Org Charity Funds. These are legacy funds where orgs would deposit any funds earmarked for charity. Interested in donating your charity funds to a cause? Contact the SOFC at