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Students may submit a Reimbursement Request to receive funds for a recent purchase. This must be completed via the Involved@Illinois platform. Access the submission form.

Important: To ensure your reimbursement can be processed without issue, please be sure to follow instructions on completing the Organization Fund Disbursement Voucher. In addition, please follow guidelines regarding receipts.

Receipts & Invoices

Each expensed item(s) must have an accompanying receipt or invoice which clearly denotes services rendered or product purchased and has been PAID in Full. Estimates, order fulfilled, and/or conformations do not meet this requirement.

Submission Deadlines

Reimbursements must be submitted within forty-five (45) days of the purchase date. Anything beyond 45 days may result in taxes being assessed by the IRS and the State of Illinois on the reimbursed amount. Reimbursement may be submitted within ninety (90) days of the purchase date.