Purchase Requests

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The SOFC recently launched a new direct purchase service for all student orgs. The Purchase Request process will allow student orgs to have more control and transparency with all purchases and transactions. While the Purchase Request was officially launched February 1, 2021, we are only able to facilitate on-campus purchases at this time. Check back as we continue to expand this benefit to our RSOs.

On-Campus Purchases (Venues, Spaces, & Services)

A new process critical to how student orgs spend their funds on campus is the Student Org Purchase Request process. All student orgs desiring to spend their funds on spaces, venues, and products on campus will be required to submit a purchase request. On-campus vendors/departments have been instructed to not provide services to student orgs unless they have received the appropriate Approved Purchase Request.

To submit a Purchase Request, see the following instructions:

  1. Log into the Involved@Illinois platform.
  2. Access your student org’s profile by clicking on the organization listed under Membership. Then click on Manage Organization.
  3. Open the Organization Tools by clicking on the three small bars located to the left of the organization’s name in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. Click on Finance, then click on the blue Create New Request button, then select Create Purchase Request.

Off-Campus Purchases – Coming Soon!

Soon, student orgs will have the ability to spend their Student Org General Fund on off-campus purchases. This implementation will address equity issues related to student organization finances. Students will have the opportunity to purchase items via online stores (i.e. Amazon) through the SORF. This will include the ability to purchase flights, pre-pay for a hotel reservation, and more. Please check back as we are in the final stages of finalizing an agreement with University payables to facilitate this process.

For questions, please email StudentOrgFinanceCenter@illinois.edu.