Event Registration & Space Requests

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A major benefit of being a Registered Student Org is access to campus space/facilities for meetings and events.

Event Registration

All organizations desiring to secure a space or a facility at Illinois for their meeting or event must complete the Event Registration form.

All event registrations must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance of the event to be eligible for any space requests.

To access the form, use the following steps:

  1. Access your student org profile.
  2. Click on Manage Organization located in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Click on the three (3) stacked horizontal bars to the left of the student org’s name in the upper left-hand corner to display the Organization Tools.
  4. Click on Events.
  5. Click on Create Event.

Need assistance completing an Event Registration? Please contact us at getinvolved@illinois.edu or call us at (217) 300-8757 (option 1, then 1).

Planning Your Event

Student Events

  • All in-person activity, on and off campus, must be submitted for registration including requests for on-campus space via the Involved@Illinois platform.
  • All registered student organizations and clubs will be able to conduct in-person activity (meetings, events, programs, or practices) with (50) or fewer in attendance in any classroom room space.
  • Outdoor events are allowed provided the venue is available and attendance must meet the guidelines as outlined by the campus guidelines.
  • Student organizations and clubs may apply and receive funding from the Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) Board for programs, events, and domestic travel only. Although travel is permitted, we ask that you continue to be cognizant of the COVID pandemic and its impact across our country. Club sport teams that elect to travel for competitions will need to submit a notification form and adhere to the Illinois All Sports Policy.

For advising on any planned activities, please contact Student Engagement at (217) 333-8757 or via email at getinvolved@illinois.edu.

Gambling & Raffles

Charitable Games Licenses (pdf) – Title 86, Part 435 Section 435.120

Gambling activities, events, and gaming equipment in which participants will pay a participation fee and/or have the chance to win prizes – including charitable/fundraiser activities that incorporate casino/poker nights and gambling-type activities – are not permitted on University Premises without the requisite Charitable Games License issued by the Department of Revenue.

Guidelines prohibiting these events from occurring on campus:

  • The host facility/premises must be licensed by the State of Illinois to be a “Provider of Premises” for such gambling/gaming events. (The University of Illinois is not licensed to be the provided of premises for these activities.)
  • All gaming equipment, including chips, must be registered with the State of Illinois.
  • The event sponsor must be licensed by the State of Illinois to conduct such charitable games (see below for a few of the requirements to be issued a sponsor’s license).

For an organization to receive a Charitable Games License, the sponsor must, among other criteria:

  1. Be 501 (C) (3, 4, or 5) licensed entity;
  2. Submit Organization Bylaws to the Department of Revenue;
  3. Have a copy of meeting minutes on file with the Department of Revenue (at least one copy of meeting minutes per year, starting in 2003).

Organizations may sponsor card playing events (to include Texas Hold ‘Em style tournaments) under the following conditions:

  1. No participation/entry fee or donations are collected from participants;
  2. No prizes are awarded for participating/winning;
  3. “Anything of value” cannot be awarded for participating/winning
  4. Event is held in the “normal place of operation” of the sponsoring organization.
  5. No individual under the age of 18 is permitted to participate in any gaming/gambling activities.

Illinois Department of Revenue

Illinois Department of Revenue, Title 86: Revenue, Part 435 - Charitable Games Act