What is an RSO?

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RSOs or Registered Student Organizations are groups of students who share a unique purpose/mission. Student orgs vary in nature and size. Students can get involved in a variety of ways and through a variety of interests. All of our RSOs identify with one or more of our fourteen (14) categories as listed below:

  • Academic, Honorary, & Pre-Professional
  • Arts (Creative, Journalism, Media, & Performing)
  • Athletic & Recreation
  • Club Sports (orgs affiliated with the Dept of Campus Recreation)
  • Cultural
  • Faith, Religion, & Spirituality
  • General Social
  • Graduate & Professional
  • Ideology, Freedom Rights, & Politics
  • International
  • Services & Philanthropy
  • Social Fraternities & Sororities (orgs affiliated with the Dept of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs)
  • Student Governance & Councils
  • Veteran & Military Connected

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