Start a New Student Org

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Students are highly encouraged to browse our more than 800 student organizations and find one of interest. However, if a student does not find an org that meets their needs, they may request to create a new one or restart one at Illinois. Students interested in starting a new organization must complete the New Student Org process. Below are the required steps to officially register a new student org.

  1. Email our staff at to express interest in creating a new RSO.
  2. Attend a New RSO Orientation Workshop.
  3. Meet with a professional staff member to review the RSO’s mission/purpose and ensure it is unique and not duplicative.
  4. Attend the Presidents Workshop. (for prospective President)
  5. Attend the Treasurers Workshop. (for prospective Treasurer)
  6. Complete the online registration process via the Involved@Illinois platform. Access will be granted to the individual student identified as the new President.
  7. Upon registration approval, the five required student officers must accept their roles (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director). In addition, the President & Treasurer must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once all above steps are completed, the RSO is deemed an Active RSO.

For questions regarding starting a new student org, please email us at