Requirements & Compliance

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To register an RSO, the organization must meet the following requirements.

  1. Membership: Student orgs must have a minimum of five (5) currently enrolled students serving as members assigned to the following roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director.
  2. Purpose: Student orgs represent unique perspectives, interests, and scopes. The mission, purpose, and scope of a student organization may not be a duplicate of an existing student organization registered at Illinois. To learn more about ensuring your organization is not deemed a duplicate org, please review the Registered Student Organization Duplication Policy (pdf).
  3. Adherence to Student Code & Policy of Nondiscrimination: The Illinois Student Code must always be adhered to by all members of the student org. The University also requires student org recognize, adhere to, and commit to upholding the Illinois State of Nondiscrimination.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility: As stewards of financial resources, student organizations are expected to maintain high ethical standards in managing student org finances. This includes always maintaining at least a $0.00 balance.

Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in consequences to the student organization ranging from placement on Frozen status to revocation of recognition.


All student organizations must remain in compliance after they have been registered for the year. Below are the necessary compliances to maintain:

  • All five (5) officers have accepted their roles in the Involved@Illinois platform. Each organization must have a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director, and each position may only be held by a single member of the organization. (no person may hold more than one of the positions listed above)
  • The President and Treasurer have accepted the Terms & Conditions of their roles.
  • The President and Treasurer are required to attend the President and Treasurer workshops, respectively. Click here to see a list of workshops, dates, and times.
  • The Student Org General Fund has a balance of $0.00 or greater.
  • The student org is in good standing with student conduct.

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