How to Register a Student Org

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Annual Re-Registration

*NEW* Student Org Registration Cycle

We’ve recently made a change in the registration process by segmenting student organizations according to their officer election/selection cycle. Based on responses provided to our office on last year’s registration, your org has been assigned to either the Orange Registration Cycle or Blue Registration Cycle. See details below regarding your org’s designation.

Orange Student Org Registration Cycle

Student Organizations with an officer election/selection process traditionally held during the end of the spring semester.ˆ

  • Cycle Dates1: June 1 – May 31
  • Re-Registration Period2: April 1 – May 31
  • Continued Re-Registration3: June 1 – March 15

Blue Student Org Registration Cycle

Student Organizations with an officer election/selection process traditional held during the end of the fall semester.ˆ

  • Cycle Dates1: January 1 – December 15
  • Re-Registration Period2: November 1 – December 15
  • Continued Re-Registration3: December 16 – October 15

1 Cycle dates denote the period your student org is registered for the year. When the re-registration period opens, it is important to re-register your student org to ensure no interruption of services and benefits.

2 The final dates listed on the re-registration period is the priority date for registration. This is the final date to freely re-register your student org without having to submit a request to re-register your org.

3 Continued Re-Registration is an opportunity to register your organization throughout the year, should a re-registration not be submitted by the priority deadline. It is important to note, this year’s deadline is much sooner than in previous years. We recommend submitting the re-registration as soon as your new officers are selected.

ˆ If you believe the designation of your organization to be an error, please email us at

The annual re-registration process is completed via the Involved@Illinois platform which can be accessed here.

Re-Registering Your Student Org

Below is a list of items you’ll need handy to provide throughout the registration process. Should you have any questions, please email or call us at (217) 300-8757 (option 1, then 2).

General Expectations

Read/verify your student organization’s commitment and adherence to the general expectations including the Illinois Statement of Nondiscrimination and the Clery Act.

Organization Profile

Verify/update general information about your organization including name, description, contact information, website, and social media. Should your organization decide to change its name, please contact our office at

Organization Roster

Update your organization’s officers and members by adding them to the roster with their email. All RSOs are required to have at least five (5) officers as listed below:

  1. President – primary executive officer
  2. Vice President – primary operations officer
  3. Secretary – primary communications officer
  4. Treasurer – primary finance officer
  5. Membership Director – primary membership officer

** Once your registration has been approved, each member will receive an email requesting they accept the role in the organization. Please ask them to log into the Involved@Illinois platform and accept the position immediately. The President and Treasurer will be notified of the requirement to log in and accept the Terms & Conditions. Failure to accept officer positions and/or Terms & Conditions will result in the organization remaining Frozen.

We encourage you to add all your officer positions as our office will offer training/resources specific to officer roles throughout the academic year.

Constitution & Bylaws

Please upload a copy of your most up-to-date organization Constitution and Bylaws. This document must clearly articulate the purpose/mission of the organization.

Organizational Profile Picture

Select a picture to upload representing the organization. Ideas include coat-of-arms, logos, or icons. Additional organization photos can be uploaded within the profile after registration.

Tell Us About Your Organization

To better serve your organization and its members, please take some time to answer questions on how your organization functions. Our office uses this information to enhance our services to the needs of students.

Organization Categories

Identify categories that best describe your organization. You are welcome to assign more than once a category. We recommend you select categories that accurately and best associate with the organization.

Organization Interests

This lets you select detailed interests associated with the organization’s purpose and allows the system to suggest organizations based on Organization Interests students indicated on their profile.

Review & Submit!

Once you’ve reached the final step, review all content updated or verified.

Upon submission, our staff will review and either Approve or Deny. If the registration is denied, a note indicating the issue will be provided. Please respond and correct any issues within a timely manner to prevent a delay in your org’s registration.