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Vision, Mission & Philosophy

We are committed to educating students through curricular and co-curricular experiences that enable them to explore and enhance their civic identities. Our pathways are direct service, service-learning, charitable giving and philanthropy, community relationship building and organizing, voter engagement, advocacy, and activism. These tools provide the necessary strategies for students to bridge the ideals of volunteerism, justice, and democratic engagement.


Civic Life will lead in educating students to remove systemic barriers through justice, collaboration, sustainability, and responsibility.


We guide students from volunteerism into active citizenship and inspire their pathways to make positive, long-lasting impacts in their communities.


Our programs succeed in exposing students to meaningful service that challenges beliefs, creates authentic relationships, and promotes reflection. As students engage, they develop a self-authored roadmap to transform into the next generation of global leaders.


Civic Life aims:

  • To provide support, resources, and professional development to student organizations with a service mission.
  • To prepare students to serve WITH communities through using humble practices and sustainable partnerships.
  • To direct students to service-learning opportunities that supports the outcomes of co-curricular education.
  • To create and maintain local, national, and global partnerships with organizations that value student development and transformational learning.
  • To implement programs that coincide with the university’s strategy to boost student affinity for global and civic awareness.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in Civic Life and activities will:

  • Advance in knowledge of global issues and work with others to develop appropriate responses to real-world challenges.
  • Demonstrate readiness to collaboratively engage with communities and landscapes in ways that leave spaces better than they were found.
  • Prioritize reflection on personal, ethical, and civic responsibilities that make them sustainable partners in democracy.
  • Fortify allyship that aids in group resiliency.

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